The Light Path’s galleries feature the work of those South Australian art photographers who are working on specific projects. Each individual gallery will show the work of a specific project of an individual photographer.

This approach will give readers some idea of the project that is being, or has been developed and worked on in South Australia.

Linhof Technika 70

Gary: Our Times

The photo project in this gallery is by Gary Sauer-Thompson. It explores photography in the Anthropocene representing ‘our times’. As … Read More
Linhof Technika 6x7

Graeme: Sampson Flat

Graham Hastwell’s photos of Sampson Flat after the bushfire in January 2015. Sampson Flat is in the north-east of Adelaide. It was the site of first ignition for a bushfire in the Adelaide Hills i… Read More

Chris Oaten: The R2P

Sometimes, even though as a commercial photographer I’m always looking for new clients and commissions, a subject presents itself that … Read More