The Light Path’s galleries feature the work of those South Australian art photographers who are working on specific projects. Each individual gallery will show the work of a specific project of an individual photographer.

This approach will give readers some idea of the project that is being, or has been developed and worked on.

Linhof Technika 70

Gary: Our Times

The photo project in this gallery is by Gary Sauer-Thompson. It explores photography in the Anthropocene representing ‘our times’. As … Read More
Linhof Technika 6x7

Graeme: Sampson Flat

Graham Hastwell’s photos of Sampson Flat after the bushfire in January 2015. Sampson Flat is in the north-east of Adelaide. It was the site of first ignition for a bushfire in the Adelaide Hills i… Read More

Chris Oaten: The R2P

Sometimes, even though as a commercial photographer I’m always looking for new clients and commissions, a subject presents itself that … Read More

Dennison on clouds

Clouds are an integral part of South Australia’s southern coast . So it is great when a photographer with an … Read More