This section includes reviews, interviews, articles from a variety of open sources, which are of relevance to, and help to inform, contemporary art photography. This writing about contemporary photography is much broader than academic photography journals, such as photographies and Philosophy of Photography.

The digital photographic image has become an integral part of our culture whilst our knowledge that we live in a culture dominated by images, by spectacle, surveillance, and visual display is utterly commonplace. The turn to images and visual culture was called the pictorial turn by W.J. T. Mitchell in his Picture Theory. This   commonplace is subject to critical and historical analysis in What do Pictures Want.

A lot of the writing about photography is buried away in academic journal articles that are difficult to access because these journals have been placed behind expensive paywalls. The exceptions are some writing in open source journals such as Image and Narrative. An example is the Vol. 8, Issue 1, the Thinking Pictures issue.

The aim of this textual section is to include writing about a photographic culture so that this kind of writing can be easily accessed so as to broaden our understanding of the culture of photography in South Australia and view a photographic culture from different perspectives. This involves exploring the inter-relationship between words and images.