Welcome to the Friends of South Australian Art Photography

This website emerged from a public sense of a vacuum in South Australia with respect to the culture of art photography. Creatives working in this field often found themselves to be working in isolation in a photographic culture that was dominated by commercial photography, and they did so without much support or encouragement for their photographic projects.

 This isolation often has a depressing impact on the creativity of art photographers and, as a result, they find it hard to continue  working on their projects.

seaweed, Dep’s Beach, Waitpinga, South Australia

What developed from various conversations was the idea of creating a nurturing space, clearing or receptacle (chora or Khôra) that would support the culture of art photography in South Australia. Khôra has a sense of a paradoxical movement  of dependency and pushing away toward differentiation and self-identity.

The overall purpose of Light Paths  is to create a digital space  that would provide art photographers in South Australia a collective presence and a sense of community.  It is currently envisioned that this support and encouragement would involve 2 field trips per year within South Australia,  one exhibition per year  based on the photos made on  these fields trips, talks, a  photo blog  and links to the activities of art photographers and  academic research.