more than taking pictures

The images in this series feature the facades of these anonymous edifices, seen straight on, from eye level. The flat planes of garage doors and shuttered windows intersect with drainage pipes, fire escapes or white lines delineating parking spots to create rectilinear compositions. Though they are formally minimal, the works are part of a larger comment on the opacity of industry and the inhabitants of these new, functional but blank buildings. 

Over the next four decades, Lewis Baltz continuously produced high quality photographic books for every body of work. Nevada, San Quentin Point, Candlestick Point come from when Baltz was living in the US). He shifted to living in Paris in the late 1980’s and photographed the spaces of hi-tech and government research facilities in France and Japan. The European books include Sites of Technology, Deaths in Newport, Politics of Bacteria, Docile Bodies and Ronde de Nuit. An overview book is Rule without Exception (1991).