Chris Oaten’s R2P

Chris Oaten has graciously shared a recent photographic project of his with Light Paths: a study of a walking bridge over Adelaide’s North-South Corridor, which is a long term construction of a major route for north and south bound traffic, including freight vehicles, running between Gawler and Old Noarlunga. It is the modern version of the old MATS plan (of the 1960s) which threaten to carve up Bowden.

North-South Corridor, Adelaide

Adelaide is a linear city and this modernising infrastructure is about overcoming congestion due to suburban sprawl and road bottlenecks and increasing traffic flow. More than 85 per cent of greater Adelaide residents commuted to work in a private vehicle. The car dominates urban Adelaide. Hence the need for a North-South Corridor.

Chris’ architectural photography was a study of a pedestrian and cyclist overpass straddling South Rd at the Croydon Park section of the South Road Super Highway end of the corridor. The portfolio of photographs is entitled RP2, and it is included in the galleries section of Light Paths.


There is a tradition of cinematic photography is one that foregrounds the discursive character of the photographic image and its origins in other images as opposed to the documentary bearing witness tradition.