Painting with Light

The result is Painting with Light, the first in a series of volumes that I offer as an extension of my activity as a mostly abstract painter, which I have pursued since my mid-teens. The book is being produced through blurb, where I have done a number of projects, especially hardback editions of out-of-print books in my series Modern Art in South Australia.

Volume One has concentrated on urban and suburban images, mostly, and the selection process has worked around series, or showing a small sample from series, as well as taking into consideration images that work together for layout spreads. There are 82 pages, and around 100 images. I decided to include a revised excerpt from my thesis on post-WW2 abstract painting in Australia, to show my background and experience, and my overarching interests in painting that are reflected in my photography. As I made the initial selection I realised I would need to do further volumes in this series, dealing with different kinds of images (such as more landscape orientated work).  

Painting with Light—vol. 1 will be available as a paperback as well as downloadable PDF. I have received the first proof copy but found a problem with the black backgrounds so have needed to make adjustments there and to some images initially selected, but expect to have it ready once I see a second proof, in the next few weeks.

I am also working on a book project of a field trip from 2016. 

Adam Dutkiewicz, November 2020