The blog: open to others

It is envisioned that art photographers working in South Australia — ie., South Australian art photographers or others — who go on either of the two field trips each year can contribute to Light Path’s blog in the form of submitting a brief text and images on a photographic project that they happened to be working on. This is a minor way to help create a space different to those created by surveillance capitalism.

It is recognized that as these kind of art photography projects are works in progress, then the blog format enables photographers to publish their images of their project as they go along. It is a low key way to go public without having to give their images and ideas to Facebook; data which, in turn is used to sell adverts back to them. Facebook mines human experience (as logged in our data trails) in order to produce marketable predictions about what we will do/read/buy/believe next.

clouds, Encounter Bay

The blog provides a minimal digital space where photographers can share their work outside of the giant maw of Facebook. In doing so they can help to foster and develop the culture of art photography in South Australia.