side projects

The Light Paths blog provides a space for art photographers to introduce a project that they are just starting, or a minor or a side project. These kinds of projects would be ones that are unstructured, lack direction, or are vaguely conceptualized. By that I mean that, though the project has some images, it is unclear about where the project is going, or how the images /or text will be pulled together into a unity.

An example of an unstructured side project that is vaguely conceptualised is one that I have called The Long Road to the North. The North refers to The Far North in South Australia and to the Northern Territory. The long road refers to road trips to Andamooka and to Lajamanu, and the project includes walking in the northern Flinders Ranges. Although the different parts of this project have taken place over a decade the project hasn’t really jelled. It’s a side project that consists of various bog posts.

Below are some images from the 14 day 2018 camel trek in the northern Flinders. They are from a part of the trek when we had a free afternoon and we went exploring the Terrapinna Gorge and Terrapinna Tors on the ephemeral Hamilton Creek that runs through Moolawatana Station.

Terrapinna Gorge

I did this walk along Terrapinna Gorge on my own whilst the others in the camel trek party walked together along a trail at the top of the gorge. I started at the Terrapinna Waterhole, the most northern and possibly the largest waterhole in the northern Flinders. This was the only water we came across on the trek.